Kentucky Hardship License Laws

Kentucky law permits a person convicted of their first DUI to apply for a hardship license while their license is suspended.  The hardship license grants you limited driving privileges for a limited amount of time. 

With a hardship license you may be permitted to drive to work, school, alcohol and drug education classes, and to seek medical treatment.  The hardship license will expire when your suspension period ends.

The problems begin when an individual accepts a 30-day license suspension as part of their sentence.  What may sound like a really good "deal" on the front end may cause more difficulty than expected.

That individual will not be eligible for a hardship license.  In fact, after the 30-day suspension runs they are eligible to get their license reinstated.  The "catch" is that very few people can complete the alcohol and drug education classes in such a small time-frame to qualify for reinstatement of their license. You want to make sure you don't find yourself in this dilemma of needing to drive to work or to complete your classes and not being eligible for either a hardship license or your regular license. 

Navigating the many nuances of DUI laws is intimidating without the help of an experienced DUI attorney.  Make sure you don't find yourself alone in this process.

Don't just pay your ticket...

In Kentucky, paying a citation is the same as pleading guilty and admitting to the charges. Once you pay the ticket, your conviction goes on your driving record. Before you pay your citation, call me to discuss whether I can help you get your charges reduced or even dismissed.

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